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Seers Titles
Lead Shard Seer: This ranking encompasses the managers of the specific shard. Managers have the task of ensuring that their team is functioning properly and efficiently. Lead Shard Seers perform very few quests themselves (although they are allowed to), but instead direct the Seers of their shard. Lead Shard Seers are also responsible for seeking out and training new talent. Also, Lead Shard Seers are responsible for submitting bi-weekly reports as to the status of their shard.

Ancient Seer: The Ancient Seer's task is to design, create, prepare, and perform unique events and quests for their shard community. Ancient Seers focus on both long term and short term storylines and are the major content creators of the program. The Ancient Seers are a specialized form of normal Seer; however, they may also perform the two other tasks of the normal seer (community quest assistance, and assiting other seers), but to a limited extent.

Elder Seer: This role is somewhat different than it was in the old OSI Seer program. The Elder Seer's task is not run short mini-events; instead the Elder Seers act as liasons to their shard communities. Elder seers will work a lot in assisting guilds and player organizations in the creation and performing of their own quests. These seers have a very important task and they keep the UO Seers Program inexorably linked to the shard communities. Elder Seers may also design and assist in "UO Seers" run quests, but to a more limited extent than the normal Seer.

Seer: An unspecialized ranking. The Seer is the mainstay of the seer program. Most participants will start out as seers and in fact this is the most versatile position of them all. A seer's primary tasks are to develop their own quests, to help other team members perform quests, and to assist the shard community in running their own quests. Eventually some seers may be shifted into one of the more specific roles above based on ability, and their own desires.

Troubadour: The troubadour is the ranking of those who either don't have the time, or don't want the responsibility of designing and performing quests of their own creations. Troubadours are meant to be the actors in the quests. Their job is simply to be given a role and to act out that role.

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