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Town Crier II

Krosis, Absent for a Week

--Sep. 12, 2001 (Wed.)--
I will not have access to the internet or e-mail from Friday (Sept. 14th) thru Monday (Sept. 24th). Please direct all concerns to our Lead Shard Seers (See Article Below). I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
--Emperor Krosis, "UO Seers" Program

Announcing New Lead Seers

--Sep. 9, 2001 (Sun.)--
After the semi-success of last weeks shard meetings, it was decided that the UO Seers Program was in need of a major structural overhaul. There are to be three major steps in this overhaul. First, is the appointment of Lead Seers for the West Coast, Central, and East Coast Shards. Second, new members will be required to undergo a training process before they become a part of the program. Third, the communication lines will be increased between players by requiring that they provide public contact information.

This week we have already instated the first of these structural changes. The individuals I have chosen are very dedicated to the program and were perfect for the role of Lead Seers. This isn't to say that there weren't other qualified candidates, only that these individuals showed an outstanding effort towards working on the program.

For the West Coast Shards (Baja, Napa Valley, Pacific, and Sonoma), Lead Shard Seer Radnor ( has been appointed. Radnor will be assisting me with the management of these shards.

For the Central Shards (AOL Legends, Great Lakes, Lake Superior, and Siege Perilous), Lead Shard Seer Stheno ( has been appointed. Stheno will be assisting me with the management of these shards.

Finally, for the East Coast Shards (Atlantic, Catskills, and Chesapeake), Lead Shard Seer Krohon ( has been appointed. Pending Krohon's acceptance, Krohon will be assisting me with the management of these shards.

Lead Seer Krosis will directly be managing those remaining shards (Drachenfels, Europa, and Oceania), please contact him directly if you have questions/concerns/suggestions.

Because of e-mail problems that may exist, the best way to contact any of these individuals is to send them a private message on our UO Stratics Forum. This way you can be assured that they will get your message in a prompt manner.

As the shard teams grow, so will the need for more Lead Shard Seers. Deciding on a Lead Shard Seer is an important process. First, the candidate must want the position. Second, the candidate has to have shown leadership abilities on their shard. Finally, the candidate needs to be a trustworthy and active participant.

We would like to take a moment to welcome these new Lead Shard Seers, they will be invaluable in the future sucess of our programs. Many thanks to them.

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Website Updates
Wed. Sep. 12, 2001-- New news article. We are currently in the process of reorganizing. Various minor changes have taken place to the website. When I have internet access again I will be posting additional material that I have been working on.

Fri. Aug. 24, 2001-- The newest news article has been added to the front page here, and the old article has been archived here. Furthermore, past website updates have been archived here or use the link below. On the members only pages, the preliminary version of the Quest Tricks of the Trade page has been uploaded. It still needs to be expanded so be sure to send in any tricks to or use the submission form here. Also in the members only section, I will be archiving all of the official newsletters and corresponence. Finally, I have completed the second part of the Quest Creation tutorial, available here. In non-website related news, I am in the process of giving members access to the private UOSS Guild Forum, it should become available in the next few days.

Tue. Aug. 21, 2001-- The Seer Listing has been updated to reflect the recent changes. A link to our public forum has been added to the navigation bar.

Mon. Aug. 20, 2001-- I have placed the seer listing for all shards on the website. This is only a preliminary listing so if you have requested a shard change then it will not be there yet. I apologize for the recent delays, the power supply on my computer went out and I have been repairing it. I am running fine now, so I will be updating and catching up with e-mail tonight and tomorrow.

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