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UO Seers -- Seer Application
(All fields below are required)
PLEASE NOTE: We are in no way associated with Origin Systems (or Electronic Arts). We can provide no special titles or powers or hooded robe ingame. We are just a group of players.

General Information
Name (will be your UserID):
E-Mail: (Need an e-mail address? Visit hotmail)
Free Character Slots:
English Shards (I prefer these shards: )
Atlantic Baja Catskills Chesapeake
Great Lakes Lake Superior Legends (AOL) Napa Valley
Oceania Pacific Siege Perilous Sonoma
European Shards (I prefer these shards: )
Drachenfels Europa
Asian Shards (I prefer these shards: )
Arirang Asuka Balhae Formosa
Hokuto Izumo Mizuho Wakoku
Free Hours per Week: (For Scheduling information only, does not affect chances of acceptance)
Apply to be a Troubadour: (Assist with Quests only -- For those with little time)
Apply to be a Seer: (Design, perform, and help others with Quests)

Roleplay Section
Situation #1: You have been asked by a local guild to play a part in their upcoming quest. They need a crazy old fisherman who knows the location of a secret abandon mine. Write a dialogue between you and the quest participants.
Situation #2: You are an evil undead zombie. Your task is to terrorize the neighboring countryside while your boss, the evil lich lord, prepares to cast a spell destroying the player town of Calinthia. Explain what you say and do to complete this task.
Situation #3: The Festival of the Grape is coming soon and you have decided to play the role of a monk from Empath Abbey. Your first mission is to spread cheer by giving presents away to those who answer you correctly. Explain what puzzles/riddles/questions/etc. that you use.

Design Section
Design a mini-quest: Using all of your creativity, design a simple (one evening) event that you feel would be fun and appropriate. You do not have to include every detail, but a reader should have a good understanding of how the quest will advance.
Design a large plotline: Give a general outline of a multi-week quest that you feel could easily be conducted within the context of the game. Be sure to include important characters and be sure your storyline is cohesive. Consider possible scenarios that might arise; for example, what if your main villain gets killed? Although you do not need to include all details try to be as thorough as possible.

Other Information
Include any other information that applies to this volunteer position. What is your past roleplaying experience? What projects have you been involved in before? Anything else that you feel might be important.

Code of Conduct
I have read and understand the Rules and the consequences of any misconduct:
I understand that this program is private and not associated with Origin System in any way:

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