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Quest Creation Tutorials

Creating good quests/events is perhaps one the most challenging things to do in UO. There are countless factors to consider. You must be ready and willing to handle all eventualities, but at the same time you must ensure that your storyline remains cohesive and understandable. Simply creating a quest is not enough though, balancing the quest is also very important. If people are getting frustrated then you have a problem. If you want to go to Destard, but only two people show up then you have a problem. This is what makes quests difficult. However, the rewards for such difficulty can be very great. When someone finishes a quest and says, "Hey that was awesom!" or "I had a ton of fun!" you feel a large sense of accomplishment. This page is intended to provide you with tutorials on how to make effective quests and events. This page shall include tutorials from numerous authors on numerous different topics related to quest creation. Choose a topic below to start learning!

Introductory Quest Creation
by Emperor Krosis

  1. Tutorial #1: The Plotline
  2. Tutorial #2: Managing Resources
  3. Tutorial #3: Setup/Advertising (Unfinished)
  4. Tutorial #4: Event Execution (Unfinished)
  5. Tutorial #5: Rewards! (Unfinished)

Creating an Event
by Sannio

  1. Development -- Aug 24, 2001

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