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Seer Puzzle/Riddle Creation Tutorial and Tools

Puzzles and riddles are the what can make a quest a truly enjoyable challenge. However, one must always be careful with quests not to make them too difficult as this can often lead to confusion and frustration. If the cipher is fairly simple then it becomes a simple matter of the mind to descramble. On the other hand, it may be necessary to have a more complex cipher which takes a small amount of time to decipher. In such a case, clues can be given in riddle form as to how to decode the message. Below are two common forms of ciphers.

The most popular form of cipher is the Ceasar Cipher (a.k.a. ROT(X)). This is where all of the letters in a sentence are shifted by a certain amount. This is a very common cipher and has the advantage of being easily solvable. If you need a group to solve a puzzle quickly then this is probably the puzzle for you. A tool is available at the bottom of the screen that will allow you to quickly scramble or descramble a secret message using this method.
Method: Shift Amount:
Message to Scramble/Descramble:
Merge Scramble
I am not sure of the geneology of this method of scrambling; however, I have used it once before with relative success. The basic idea is very simple. You first get rid of all spaces from your sentence. Then you split the sentence into two equal (or nearly equal) halves. Rearrange the letters now taking the first letter from each of the two halves. For example: "Hello World" -> "HelloWorld" -> 1st Half("Hello") & 2nd Half("World") -> "H & W" + "e & o" + ... -> "HWeolrllod".
Method: Spaces Preserved:
Message to Scramble/Descramble:
Two-to-One Scramble
Inspiration for this cipher originally came from the unicode file format in which two characters are used to represent every letter of text. The concept behind this cipher is simple: every letter is represented by two letters and to get the letter you simply subtract the position of the first from the last. That is Ba would be a because B=2 and a=1 so 2-1=1=a. The beauty of this is that the first characters can either be picked at random or be defined by the user.
Method: Random:
User Defined String:
Message to Scramble/Descramble:
Another popular puzzle involves simply jumbling the letters to each of the words in the sentence. The difficulty depends on the size of the words (longer taking more time) and the complexity of the words used (unusual words take longer to unjumble). Also the size of the sentence determines how long it will take to descramble. While the other methods can be descrambled easily once the cipher method is solved, this method is still hard even when the cipher is known (Jumble).
Method: No Decode
Message to Scramble/Descramble:

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