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UO Seers Program "Event Advertisement"

News Website and Board Posting
This is the best way to advertise your events. Most people read the news sites at least once a day. The listing below are some sites that you may find useful in advertising your events. Be sure to include all relevant information:

Useful Websites & E-mails
All Shards
UO Vault
UO Event Calendar
UO Events Board
Atlantic (UOSS)
UOSS Atlantic Board
Baja (UOSS)
UOSS Baja Board
Baja Freeborn Express (
Catskills (UOSS)
UOSS Catskills Board
Chesapeake (UOSS)
UOSS Chesapeake Board
Drachenfels (UOSS)
UOSS Drachenfels Board
Europa (UOSS)
UOSS Europa Board
Great Lakes (UOSS)
UOSS Great Lakes Board
Lake Superior (UOSS)
UOSS Lake Superior Board
Legends (AOL) (UOSS)
UOSS AOL Legends Board
Napa Valley (UOSS)
UOSS Napa Valley Board
Oceania (UOSS)
UOSS Oceania Board
Pacific (UOSS)
UOSS Pacific Board
Siege Perilous (UOSS)
UOSS Siege Perilous Board
Sonoma (UOSS)
UOSS Sonoma Board
Sonoma Notepads
...Asian Shards to be Added Later...

Town Crier Approach
Some other popular forms of advertising is to physically speak to people on your shard. By standing out front of some of the more popular banks you can often find one or two people interested in your event. This is called the Town Crier Approach.

Event Book Approach
Often times leaving books around Britannia will spread the word of your event. This can often lead to people showing up just out of curiosity. Take a blank book (available at any provisioner's shop) and fill it with all the necessary information about the event. Leave these books across the realm, especially near banks and other populated places.

Guild Direct Contact
Many time you can get participation by directly contacting some of the large, roleplaying oriented guilds on the shard. The only problem is that you need a good understanding of the shard before this will work well. This is an effective way though to draw people to your event.

RP "Hangout" Approach
Head to some of the local buildings or player-run towns on the shard and spread the word about your event. This is a likely way to let at least part of the RP community know about your quest. The more active the town the better.

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