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Town Crier II

Website Update Archives

Sat. Aug. 18, 2001-- Minor changes to the website and a new front page article. The old article can now be accessed from the sidebar. Here you will also find local news when it is relevant.

Sun. Aug. 12, 2001-- Today I got permission from Talbot to post his Roleplaying FAQ on this site. I have added it and now have everything ready for the opening. Let us begin!

Fri. Aug. 10, 2001-- I have completed the first tutorial, the information page, and the rules. I need to put a few finishing touches before we can open though. Maybe Monday?

Wed. Aug. 08, 2001-- Continued to update webpages. Completed online application, seer listing, seer descriptions. Still need to complete quest tutorials, information, and rules. I hope to be ready to open by the weekend.

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