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Town Crier II

Team Meetings Next Week

--Aug. 21, 2001 (Sat.)--
This upcoming week the head of the "UO Seers" Program, Krosis, will be meeting individually with each shard team to get updated on their status and progress. Krosis wants to ensure that all teams have adequate direction and ensure that teammates have met each other. "I want to get the ball rolling on many of the shards and I think the best way to do this is to actually meet with the members ingame -- I am very excited to meet our great volunteers," says Krosis.

The unofficial location for the team meetings is currently The Cat's Lair tavern (Trammel), just south of Britain's West Bank. This spot was chosen because it is simple to find and is often very quiet. The meetings will be informal and will help to solidify each shard team.

The "UO Seer" Program continues to gain support daily from various shards across Britannia. This coupled with the enthusiasm of its members is a definite recipe for success. Within the next two weeks the program intends on having events running on all shards with a Seer team. If this goal is achieved, it will be the first time that such a large organizational effort has been successful.

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