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Town Crier II

Looking for a Few Good Seers

--Aug. 08, 2001 (Wed.)--
"Come one....come all!," the crier shouted out. Today is the grand opening of the "UO Seers" program. Its purpose is simple...To assist with and create ongoing fiction across all shards of the realm. Today is a glorious day and one that will forever be remembered as an revolutionary step for UO lore and fiction. This website is by far the first and most important resource of its kind for the UO community -- it shall include information on current quests and past quests; quest creation and roleplaying; and most importantly it shall include tools for quest developers to contact and request assitance with their quests.

We look among you, the player-base, for those individuals who have the strength, the creativity, the endurance, and the guts to improve the state of fiction within the game Ultima Online. We challenge you, no...implore you to make a difference in the UO community. Working together we can truly make enhance the land of Britannia. Working together we can create something special, something unique, something spectacular!

The website has been opened, the application is up! It is now up to you to take that leap into a new pathway. The door is open, are you ready to enter?

All of the necessary information is currently available, but we need able-bodied individuals to fill the roles as Lead Shard Seers, Ancient Seers, Elder Seers, regular Seers, and Troubadours. Each has their own responsibilities and their own challenges. Perhaps you are a guild master and cannot take on any more, that is fine! Take the time to utilize some of the tools and resources available on our website. There is something that everyone can do to help! If you think you have what it takes, then browse the site a bit and go fill out the application. Within minutes you can be on your way to becoming a vital, memorable part of UO history.

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